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© Remi OCHLIK/IP3 -   RA'AS AJADIR, Tunisia, Feb. 26 ON THE LIBYA-TUNISIA BORDER - As Tunisia, the epicenter for the wave of anti-government protests that began last month, struggles with its own unrest, it's also dealing with a flood of refugees as people flee the fighting in Libya, At least 5,000 Egyptians have come into Tunisia in the last three days exhausted, traumatized, staggering under as much of their life as they can carry...The Tunisians hand out bus tickets, fearful that the staging post could become a refugee camp...Everyone here has a tale of fear. One man said he and some friends hid in a house for eight days, trapped by shooting and street fighting...All they wanted in Libya was a job. Instead, they got caught in the middle of someone else's war. They escaped through a little luck and sheer determination, but tens of thousands are still trapped as the situation spirals out of control.