2011 Tahrir 2.0

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Remi OCHLIK/IP3 -  Tahrir Square in Cairo November 23, 2011 -   Protesters clash with the anti riot police in the sweet going to the ministry of interior Egypt's ruling military moved up the date for transferring power to a civilian government to July next year and consulted Tuesday with political parties on forming a new Cabinet. But the major concessions were immediately rejected by tens of thousands of protesters in Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square threatening a "second revolution.  Egyptian troops moved into streets around the Interior Ministry in Cairo on Wednesday, replacing riot police who had repeatedly clashed with protesters trying to reach the building, an army officer said. Riot police withdrew inside the ministry. The removal of the widely hated police seemed to be part of efforts to calm violence that has killed more than 30 people and wounded 2,000 in Cairo and elsewhere in six days of protests targeting the ruling military council, not the army itself. The Interior Ministry, near Tahrir Square, has been the main flashpoint for clashes in which police have fired tear gas, pellets and rubber bullets at stone-throwing demonstrators.