2011 Libyan border

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© Remi OCHLIK/IP3 -   RA'AS AJADIR, Tunisia and Libyan border - March 3 -- Close to the border people set tons of trashes on fire to avoid epidemics. A Bangladeshi refugee walk throught the smoke looking for things he could save and use. ..Desperate refugees continued to flow Thursday to Libya's border with Tunisia, where thousands anxiously waited to be taken home and aid workers warned of a humanitarian disaster...Waves of refugees -- mainly migrant workers from countries such as Egypt and Bangladesh -- have been fleeing Libya as fighting rages between opponents and loyalists of strongman leader Moamer Kadhafi...At Tunisia's border post at Ras Jedir, a few Tunisian police officers and soldiers were struggling to contain thousands of new arrivals, baggage held over their heads, desperate to leave Libya.