2006 Students crisis

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France Student Clashes..French students and security forces clash on the "place of the nation" as students protest against the new CPE labor law in Paris, France, on saturday, March 18, 2006. The new law, that is designed to combat the high youth unemployment, is a permanent contract for those under 26, it allows employers to terminate employment at any moment within 2 years. ....The contrat premiere embauche (CPE), translated first employment contract, was a new form of employment contract pushed in spring 2006 in France by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. This employment contract, available solely to employees under 26, would have made it easier for the employer to fire employees by removing the need to provide reasons for dismissal for an initial "trial period" of two years, in exchange for some financial guarantees for employees. ....The law has met heavy resistance from students, trade unions, and left-wing activists, sparking protests in February and March 2006 (and continuing into April) with hundreds of thousands of participants in over 180 cities and towns across France